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Any important announcements regarding membership policy will be placed here.  If you were a member of the HKI Regional Officers Mess before the move to Arsenal Street, you may be entitled to temporary membership of the SOs Mess.  Contact the membership secretary for further information.


In order to facilitate easy access of Life Members to the Caine House Complex, a Mess Membership card, which bears the holder's photograph, will be issued to Life Members. 

A Life Member who wishes to apply for the new Membership Card is now invited to send a photograph (with full name, e-mail address and tel. no. written at the back of the photo) to the SOs Mess Manager Mr. Frankie LEUNG (Address: Hong Kong Police Senior Officers Mess, 6/F, Caine House, Arsenal Street).   Members will be informed to collect the cards at the SOs Mess once they are ready.

For any enquiries, please feel free to contact the Mess Membership Member Mr. Kerry CAREW (Tel No. 3661 4602, e-mail :

Thank you.




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